The Japanese-Brazilian Party

If you know a Brazilian, I’m 100% sure that you’ve heard the phrase “I miss Brazilian food”. Well, back in L.A. is only the food I miss, but the restaurants keep coming back to my mind every time I go to a Japanese or Pizza place. I will talk about the Brazilian in another post, because today I’m here to present you the Brazilian Japanese Rodízio, and the restaurant I chose was Matsuya.

É um fato que os restaurantes de L.A. são incríveis, mas nada como um rodizio delícia. E nem estou falando de churrascaria, heim? O que me deixa cheia de saudade mesmo é rodízio Japônes. Semana passada fui com a minha mamis em um bem gostoso aqui em SP, chamado Matsuya.

First let me explain what is a Rodizio: you pay one price (this particular one is 38 reais on weekends, about 20 dollars) and you can eat whatever you want. “It’s a buffet, then!” you may think, but it is not. They always have two courses (first and main) and the desert, which is not included. Right when you sit down, the waiter lays down their options and you can choose whatever you want from his list. It includes grilled salmon, shimeji mushroom cooked on butter, missoshiru, yakissoba, spring rolls, guioza, handrolls (HUGE ones), and tempura. You can have it all, some or none if you are laying low. For the main course, they bring you a platter of different sushis and sashimis, which you can choose the fishes, such as salmon, or tuna, or white fish, etc… Everything is made after you order, so it is like a la carte restaurant. And Matsuya has a Vegetarian menu, which costs a little bit more (a very tiny difference), but it’s perfect for me. The have fruits, and extra shimeji, and tofu… It’s heaven!

A rodizio is a very Brazilian tradition, so in your next visit to Brazil, don’t forget to save an afternoon for one of those restaurants. It will make you happy, more than satisfied, and with extra reais in your pocket to spend on clothes lol. Oh not to mention that the food is sooooooo good and fresh.

É um rodízio tradicional. Você chega, o garçom anota o que você quer e as coisa vão chegando aos poucos. Mas para mim a parte mais legal de lá é que eles tem uma opção vegetariana. Ao invés de peixe, eles tem frutas, extra shimeji e tofu. Muito bom pra mim, porque quando me tornei vegetariana meu maior medo foi nunca mais conseguir ir ao um rodízio Japônes rs. O preço normal é 38 reais, e o rodízio é 39. Uma opção muito boa quando queremos comer bem sem gastar muito. Sempre que venho para o Brasil, acabo comendo lá.

Então fica a dica: para quem gosta de comida Japonesa, e para os vegetarianos que estão cansados dos restaurantes vegs.

Thank you for reading,
Agatha xo


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