White New Years

After my birthday, my favorite day of the year is New Year’s Eve. Everybody is so excited to start everything new. The positive energy is palpable. Especially in Brazil. Since it’s summer here, December 31st is extra special since we can spend the entire night welcoming the new year. We have MANY traditions, and the one I love the most is the one about wearing white. It brings peace and good luck. I’m so excited to choose my outfit that I decided to create a Pinterest board just for New Year’s Eve. It has every kind of event your could think of, so everybody can find their perfect white outfit to say hello to 2013 with the best possible energies.

Depois do meu niver, meu dia favorito do ano é Véspera de Ano Novo. Todo mundo ficar super ansioso para começar algo novo. A energia positiva é palpáve. Especialmente no Brasil. Temos a sorte de celebrarmos essa data em pleno veraozão, enão conseguimos aproveitar MESMO! Mas e o look? Fico triste se não passo de branco, então já super animada para escolher o modelito, fiz um board no Pinterest lotado de looks brancos para todas os eventos imagináveis, para todo mundo consegui achar um look para passar a virada com a melhores energias possíveis.

Thank you reading!
Agatha xo.

. Pandora

ps: Other colors have meaning too, maybe I will do a post explaining them. What do you think?

ps: Acho que vai rolar post sobre significado das outras cores. Que tal?


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