Hairdo Tutorial: Braided Side

ATENÇÃO: Post com vídeo feito em inglês. Vamos treinar a língua mociiiinhas :)

As an actress, I believe you can understand how much I love shooting videos. Any opportunity that allows me to be in front of a camera, is always welcome (wait… not ALL of them lol). So this project I’m about to launch right now here for you, is something I’m very excited. I have my Youtube channel since 2006 (yes, I look a bit chubby in the early videos lol), but since there isn’t a concrete subject there, I decided to create a channel only for the blog. YAY! There I will post videos in portuguese and in english, so stay tuned. Many tutorials, reviews and tips are coming! Yay!!

For my first English video, I taught how to do the hairdo I posted in this outfit post. It’s very easy, simple and perfect for girls with curly hair such as myself. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m totally open for suggestions and comments, ok? I would love to know your input!

Thank you for reading (and watching!),
Agatha xo

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