As my Instagram says: Life’s traveler. While just trying to be me.

Actress by choice, lifetime writer, fashion’s lover and happy. Just happy.

A Capricorn, born in January 15th who reads Susan Miller’s predictions every first of the month.

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, but found her true home in Hollywood. In my way to go back there (any time now).

Wishes to win an Oscar, produce a tv-show on HBO, have her own clothing line, shut down Sea World, while taking care of a family and puppies.

Loves reading, watching movies and listening to music. Good for the mind and GREAT for the soul.

Favorite books: “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy by E. L. James (every woman should read it for fun and every man should read it for research) and “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain
Favorite song: “PDA (We Just Don’t Care)” by John Legend
Favorite movie: “Click” and the “Harry Potter” series and “Black Swan” and “Fight Club” and “Alice in Wonderland” and “Who Framed Roger Rabit” and “The Notebook”… It’s really hard to pick one.
Favorite brand: Farm (Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro)
Favorite couture brand: Louis Vuitton
Favorite city: Paris
Favorite tv-show: “Friends” or “True Blood”. No “Friends”… No “True Blood”… No “Friends”… Idk, it’s really hard.
Favorite people: My family and my friends and my teachers and people I don’t know. They all have the power to always teach me something.

Thank YOU. I know you have a lot of other things to read, but thank you. Really.

“If you’re willing to take the chance… the view from the other side is spectacular.”
(Meredith Grey)

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