Hairdo Tutorial: Braided Side

ATENÇÃO: Post com vídeo feito em inglês. Vamos treinar a língua mociiiinhas :)

As an actress, I believe you can understand how much I love shooting videos. Any opportunity that allows me to be in front of a camera, is always welcome (wait… not ALL of them lol). So this project I’m about to launch right now here for you, is something I’m very excited. I have my Youtube channel since 2006 (yes, I look a bit chubby in the early videos lol), but since there isn’t a concrete subject there, I decided to create a channel only for the blog. YAY! There I will post videos in portuguese and in english, so stay tuned. Many tutorials, reviews and tips are coming! Yay!!

For my first English video, I taught how to do the hairdo I posted in this outfit post. It’s very easy, simple and perfect for girls with curly hair such as myself. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m totally open for suggestions and comments, ok? I would love to know your input!

Thank you for reading (and watching!),
Agatha xo


To Help Us Shine

ATENÇÃO: Post somente em inglês. Dica MARA para aquelas com o inglês afiado!

“Life is not supposed to bring you down, but uplift you and encourage you to do better than before.” – by Isley Saunders.

I’ve always been an independent person. I’m not very fond of asking for help when I’m in trouble, or sharing deep secrets to everyone around me. However one thing I’ve learned in life is that things turn out WAY better when we have help. A person that believes in your dreams with you, someone to help during difficult times or just a friendly face to share a smile. Human connection is vital! That’s why I’m more than happy to share with you a blog intended to inspire, unite and help women from all over the world to conquer whatever they desire. Meet “A Woman Plus More”.


Isley Saunders is the founder and creator of the website. Her writing is truly inspirational and her life story is beyond amazing! That kind of woman who has a lot to teach us and it’s willing to help us move forward. Only a minor percentage of people around the globe are really concerned about what happens with other beings. Therefore they should be celebrated! If I can be completely honest with you, when I’m having a difficult time I usually turn to those who are willing to offer a hand to unknown people, either on youtube or blogs. That’s what Isley does. Inside of her website, you can find interviews, inspirational quotes and even contribute with her content. Her message is that we should be a part of something and allow yourselves to be connected to others.

The beauty of the internet: bringing strangers together is order to create something incredible. I love the XXI century!

Thank you for reading!
Agatha xo

Styling na All TV

ATTENTION: Post only in Portuguese. Sorry :(

Se você acompanha meu Instagram ou a página do blog no Facebook, você já sabe que todo domingo às 13h participo do programa “Panela de Pressão” na All TV, a primeira emissora online do Brasil. Tem sido uma experiência MUITO legal falar de moda por lá toda semana. O ambiente é super descontraído e me divirto horrores! Hoje, pela primeira vez, consegui pegar o vídeo e postar no Youtube minha participação! UHULL!!! Falamos sobre dicas de styling! Querem ver?

Quero saber a opinião de vocês, heim?!

Domingo que vem estarei lá de novo! Vocês tem algum assunto em mente para discurtirmos?? Vou adorar responder as perguntas de vocês lá!

Muito obrigada pela visita!
Agatha xo

ps: Mais tarde vou postar os detalhes do look! Tô profissa!!!! rs